Icelandic Sheepskin Taupe

Icelandic Sheepskin Taupe


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This Icelandic short-haired sheepskin is ultra soft, silky and dense – the perfect woolly look and feel you would expect for an original sheepskin. No two skins are alike, so this coloured sheepskin will give your home a unique cosiness.

Sheepskins make beautiful decorative accents, as throws or floor rugs. Soft-to-touch sheepskins are used for benches, chairs, floor and sofa decoration, adding warm texture to a cosy armchair in your living room or even outside on a wooden garden bench on your terrace. Not purely for winter, sheepskin is heat regulating as the natural properties of wool regulate the ambient temperature, giving a warming effect in winter and a cooling one in summer.

Produced within Europe in as environmentally friendly a way as possible from sheep having grazed freely on green fields, the sheepskins, a residual product of the meat industry, are treated ecologically at tanneries in Europe using a natural process. Kept intact, the skin is then dyed, creating an even more beautiful, consistently coloured sheepskin in one of today's on-trend colours. The dye used is environmentally friendly and not harmful to children or pets.

Colour: Taupe – a grey-tinged brown

Material: Icelandic sheepskin

Dimensions: L:90–110cm

Care: Brush (with a pet brush) and vacuum regularly. Clean any stains with a damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning products or chemicals. Let the coat dry naturally (not in the sun or over a radiator). Avoid direct sunlight, as UV can fade the dye.

Note: Sheepskins are sustainable and eco-friendly by-products. As sheepskins are a natural product, each one is unique in shape, size and colour.