Hazelwood Throw

Hazelwood Throw


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Whether seen as a remarkable wall hanging or a precious blanket, this throw fulfils the ambition inspiring the design: to take make an artform of a high quality, functional object. As such it is a striking, contemporary artefact designed by an artist, but hand woven in cotton rather than painted on a canvas.

The discipline of designing in woven textile offers a challenge, the Berlin-based artist Raby Florence-Fofana’s style responds well. Here she has abstracted an organic form – leaf, cactus or tree – to produce a strong outline against singingly bright colours. The result suggests a desert-like scene with bright blue sky and sandy ground, but what are the dynamic vertical lines on the left?

Hang it on a wall in a breakfast or drawing room, so that its pattern can be appreciated as a work of art, or drape it over a sofa or bed to enjoy the rich folds of colour and the softness of the textile. The effect will rejuvenate any interior.  



Material: Material: 100% hand woven North Carolina cotton, of which 70% recycled 

Dimensions: 178cm x 137cm (approx.)

Weight: CHECK

Care: Wash at a cool temperature on a gentle, wool cycle; tumble dry on a cool cycle or, ideally, hang out to dry naturally