Kantha Bedcover Throws

Kantha Bedcover Throws


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Available in store in various colourways and in single or double sizes, these exquisite Kantha bedcovers were created using traditional Kantha embroidery techniques. The women of Bengal have practised the craft of Kantha embroidery for generations. Reusing and reinventing colourful saris, they layer and hand embroider them together to produce lightweight cotton bedcover throws. This Kantha embroidery - a simple running stitch - creates a textured 'waviness' to the fabric. Slightly wrinkled in look, if you like.

Pop in store and choose one to suit. Priced from £95 to £175.

Please note, as each is an individual artistic expression it is therefore unique. In keeping with the vintage look, these bedcover/throws may have intentional irregularies.


Material: Cotton Saris


Single approx: L220cm x W155cm

Double approx: L244 x W171cm