Leonard Throw

Leonard Throw


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Whether seen as a remarkable wall hanging or a precious blanket, this throw is a striking piece.

There is a series of eye-catching details within this image, designed by Melbourne-based artist Suzie Leahy.  The cool colour palette combines through the flowers and the flowing lines of the image, with what can be considered a mountainous silhouette in the background. The ethereal striped lines are of a loose form which give the impression of trickling their way through the image.

Hang it on a wall in a breakfast or drawing room, so that its pattern can be appreciated as a work of art, or drape it over a sofa or bed to enjoy the rich folds of colour and the softness of the textile. 


Material: 100% hand woven North Carolina cotton, 70% of which is recyled

Dimensions: 178cm x 137cm (approx.)

Care: Wash at a cool temperature on a gentle, wool cycle; tumble dry on a cool cycle or, ideally, hang out to dry naturally