Leopard Stripes Sky 60x60 Cushion

Leopard Stripes Sky Cushion


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This Leopard Stripes Sky cushion is such a beautiful product. A mix of Indian, African, and Oriental patterns and colours, its individuality is the result of the inspiration of a world that is fascinating to discover and explore. What a better way to bring happiness and colour into your life?

The delicate and intricate detail that goes into making these cushions is truly exquisite. Designed in Italy by the talented designer Lisa Corti, the patterns are then sent to India where the textiles really come to life. Expert artisans and craftsmen weave cotton on wooden looms, and then block-print the designs using an ancient technique. This process is slow and precise, with each carved wooden block being dipped into a different colour each time, meaning that there may be a few “inevitable imperfections”. We think these only add to the marvellous character of these wildly unique cushions!

Size: 60 x 60cm