Leopard Stripes Sky Bedspread

Leopard Stripes Sky Quilts


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These gorgeously colourful quilts are specially designed to put you in a relaxing state. A mix of Indian, African, and Oriental colours, the ancient geometric patterns found on these textiles are used in religious practices for meditation, and are used in building plans for the construction of temples and religious places of worship.

The delicate and intricate detail that goes into making these quilts is truly exquisite. Designed in Italy by the talented designer Lisa Corti, the patterns are then sent to India where the textiles really come to life. Expert artisans and craftspeople weave cotton on wooden looms, and then block-print the designs using an ancient technique. This process is slow and precise, with each carved wooden block being dipped into a different colour each time, meaning that there may be a few “inevitable imperfections”.

This quilt is not just extremely comfortable, however! Flip it over and you have another design on the other side, created in just the same way but with a new richness of hues and designs. The contrast between the two helps to bring together two different sets of cultures and traditions, all in one beautiful quilt.


Junior Quilt - 110 x 180cm

Large Quilt - 270 x 180cm

Material: Quilted muslin with a pure cotton filling

Care: Always dry clean and keep away from anything that could stain easily