Modern Kilim

Modern Kilim


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Blocks of colour – flashes of deepest blue, pink and yellow – are woven in an abstract pattern called Flame Stick to create this Modern Kilim. While the design and use of contrasting colour are contemporary, the quality of the fabric reflects centuries of artisanal skill and tradition. Soft and strong kilims are ideal for use as floor coverings, but they are also beautiful enough to be hung on a wall like a tapestry.

Technically, kilims are hand-made, woollen rugs that are woven without a knotted pile on a loom. They have been made in Turkey for centuries. A crucial part of nomadic life, they lined (and line) the floors and walls of tents as well as houses, and were highly valued as dowry pieces.

Design: Flame Stick

Material: Pure new wool

Dimensions: W:1485cm, D:125cm

Care: Professional clean