Nisha Mattresse, Rose

Nisha Mattress


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The wood blocks for this delightful Nisha pattern were cut by hand in India, the printing also. As a result, the pattern has all the interesting irregularities inherent with an artisan artefact. Use this wonderful Nisha mattress to make an outside bench or chair feel luxurious, or throw one on a rug inside for additional colour and comfort. It is also invaluable for a child's impromptu sleepover.

Nisha means night in Sanskrit and is a popular woman’s name in India. Here Nisha is a light, but detailed pattern based on traditional flower motifs. A closely repeated pattern of curved stems, bearing stylised flower heads, creates a dense but highly decorative ground cover on a tea-coloured background. The charming effect is enhanced by tassels on all four corners

Height 155cm, available in two colours:

  • Rose
  • Topaz

Material: Outer: 100% hand block-printed cotton; Filling: poly

Dimensions: H:155cm, W:50cm, D:7cm

Care: Dry clean only

Please note: Because this is a hand-block printed item, the colour will bleach if left in direct sunshine or sunlight.