Nomadic Floor Cushions

Nomadic Floor Cushions


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Each of these large, Nomadic Floor Cushions is individual. Obviously beautiful – their rich colours and patterns sing out – they are also hugely practical. Robustly made, but with supportive padding and a silky pile, they perform the role of an instant and comfortable chair.

These cushions are also remarkable artefacts from a lifestyle continuing in one of the most fascinating but unstable parts of the world – Afghanistan. They have evolved from storage sacks used by pastoral nomads to transport precious goods, while on their yearly migration with their flocks from the Afghanistan hills down to the Indus Valley. The sacks have been filled and hand closed, some finished with decorative tassels, braids and fringes.

Wool from the nomads' flocks of sheep and goats is still used to create textiles. The same technique used for sought-after, hand-knotted rugs is also used on the ‘face’ (the front) of these cushions; the back is made from woven kilim, a pileless, equally traditional textile. The wool dyes, like the patterns, have evolved, but have at their heart ancient colours: the sumptuous reds from the madder root, black from oak tree galls and navy from the indigo leaves. The effect is lavish.

Each cushion is handmade and unique, so sizes, patterns, colours and finishings may vary. Prices start at £135.00 - £165.00.



Material: 100% cotton, hand-knotted front, kilim reverse

Dimensions: sizes vary, approximately H:56cm, W:86cm, D:20cm

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these floor cushions, the patterns, colours, finishings and sizes may vary; hence they are only available to purchase in store.