Shimla Topaz Mattress

Shimla Topaz Mattress


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This glorious pattern is named after the city of Shimla, now the capital of the Punjab. Shimla is set high in the Himalayas where, famed for its cool summers, it is a place of retreat from the heat. This mattress also invites retreat. Use it to make an outside bench or chair feel luxurious or throw it on a rug inside for additional colour and comfort. It is also invaluable for a small child's impromptu sleepover.

The hand cut woodblock print has finely delineated floral motifs (reflecting their Mogul origin) against a topaz blue background. Each tessellated flowerhead has become a stylised motif that has elegantly morphed into a peacock’s tail. The effect is enhanced by corner tassels.  

Height 100cm

Material: Outer: 100% hand block-printed cotton; Filling: poly

Dimensions: H:100cm, W:50cm, D:5cm

Care: Dry clean only

Please note: Because this is a hand-block printed item, the colour will bleach if left in direct sunshine or sunlight.