Wyatt Throw

Wyatt Throw


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Whether enjoyed as a precious blanket or hung on a wall, this throw truly is a living, breathing work of art that is both functional and beautiful.

Designed by Amélie Lehoux, the Waytt throw is reminiscent of collage, an art form that is particularly prominent in Lehoux’s work. The bold shapes and colours that decorate this throw are beautifully geometric and offer a contemporary yet fun character to wherever they are displayed.

Woven from 100% cotton yarn, 25% of which is recycled, the material perfectly highlights the intricate details hidden within the design. The fringed edge further showcases the multi-coloured yarns used to create this work of art. With the back displaying the design in reverse colours, it is just as stunning as the front and by using it as a throw you get to enjoy the best of both!

Made in the USA

Dimensions: H: 178cm, W: 137cm (approx.)

100% Cotton (25% recycled)

Care: Wash at a cool temperature on a gentle, wool cycle; tumble dry on a cool cycle or, ideally, hang out to dry naturally.

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