Reclaimed Oak and Epoxy Loft Table

Large Reclaimed Oak and Epoxy Loft Table with Metal Base


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Quite literally blending contemporary design with tradition, this Reclaimed Oak and Epoxy Loft Table makes a stunning addition to any dining room. The natural dents and grooves of the oak tabletop have been filled with epoxy resin, seamlessly merging nature with industry. These dark streaks create a beautiful contrast with the lighter tones of the wood, therefore lending the table a chic sophistication.

Due to the tabletop preserving the natural characteristics of the oak wood, it means no two have the same resin patterns, giving each one its own charming individuality. Slightly angled, the industrial style metal legs elevate the tables distinctive feel with their robust, chunky form and faintly weathered metallic colouring.

Both decorative and robust, this oak table suggests decades of joyous family meals and memorable evenings spent with close friends. Of timeless design, we think this style of table would look amazing in both the modern and traditional interior.

Dimensions: W: 240cm, D: 100cm, Fixed Top: H: 6cm 

Seats: 6 

Materials: Reclaimed Oak, Epoxy Resin, Metal 

Note: Please note that as the wood was cut following the natural lines and curves of the tree, each table is unique.