Resonance Chair Sculpture

Resonance Chair Sculpture


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Sculpted by visual artist Phillipe Bray (alias ‘Papillon’), this powerful and harmonious piece offers an exceptionally unique space for you to sit contemplatively and revel in moments of solitude and rejuvenation. The motivation behind the creation of this phenomenal sculpture is as organic as the material itself; by carving enclosures out of these reconstructed cedar wood trunks, Papillon encourages you to immerse yourself within the heart of the tree to supercharge a visceral experience of inner presence and being.  

Made with Lebanese cedar from a park in Lot et Garonne, Papillon gathers the golden timbers of trees (predominantly large cedars and redwoods) that have been felled due to disease, conditions, or simply old age, commencing the meticulous exercise of carving and sanding, in turn resurrecting the tree’s charming character and transmuting it into an ethereal statement piece fit for a Shakespearean scene. Smooth to touch with sweet balsamic undertones of a captivating cedar scent, this special seat becomes a comfortable and ergonomic cocoon to put all senses at ease. Due to its minimalistic, sensual shapes and tones, it would be perfect in either an interior or exterior setting. 

Papillon states, “For me, the tree must remain a tree, its strength is to be ‘itself’. I was not there to shape matter, but rather the void. I was surprised to discover that emptiness shaped matter, as silence shaped sound; without silence, we could not differentiate sounds… without emptiness, we could not differentiate matter. The world of form needs emptiness, silence and time so that things can be differentiated. I cannot impose a form on a tree, I just have to reveal the form that is already there. The tree is my guide.”

Dimensions: H: 181cm x W: 120cm x D: 73cm

Weight: 340kg

Material: Cedar Wood.

Rot proof without treatment.