Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike


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The aesthetically pleasing design of this Exercise Bike fuses state of the art technology with a sleek, minimalistic frame. Rather than hiding it in the garage, make it a prominent feature of the house, where it will encourage greater use, and look immensely cool.

Cycling reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels. As you exercise, inbuilt Bluetooth sensors transmit workout data to the manufacturer’s Bike App (iOS and Android). This ensures that performance monitoring upgrades are future proof, while furthering the minimalistic ideal. There are also retractable holders for handheld devices.

Sophisticated design features mean the bike can be converted into a workstation or desk, so that the ergonomic benefits of the bike can improve posture while you work and encourage exercise throughout the day.


  • No mains power required, so highly versatile in terms of positioning
  • Space saving, minimum footprint 0.44m sq

This item is available in other wood finishes. Please enquire in store.

Materials: Solid Ash frame with honey oak stain, finished in Danish Oil

Dimensions: H: 47.2cm, W: 246cm, D: 23.6cm

Weight: 55kg

Seat back and laptop/desk top available separately