Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine


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This rowing machine is aesthetically too pleasing to hide away in the garage. Make it a prominent feature of the house, where it will encourage exercise while looking cool.

Beyond good looks, the design of this Rowing Machine is highly innovative and facilitates a low impact, full body workout.

The benefits of rowing as an aerobic exercise are well established: 84% of your muscles, from fingertips to toes, are used in a rowing stroke. The iconic waterwheel, integral to the front of this machine, simulates the sensation of rowing in water and promotes stress-free resistance. Each stroke produces waves in the transparent waterwheel, pleasing to see and accompanied by a satisfying splashing sound.

The solid ash wood frame is hand-built in the US from sustainably managed hardwood from the Appalachian Mountains.


  • Waterwheel
  • S4 Performance Monitor – technically sophisticated and intuitive
  • No mains power required, so highly versatile in terms of positioning
  • Space saving, can be stored upright

This item is available in other wood finishes. Please enquire in store.

Materials: Solid ash frame with honey oak stain, finished in Danish Oil

Dimensions: H: 51cm, W: 209cm, D: 55cm, 

Weight: 30.5kg (empty)

Small wheels positioned on the waterwheel end of the machine make it easy to move around; it can be stored standing up. 

5 year limited commercial warranty