Kilim Floor Cushion - Diamonds

Kilim Floor Cushion - Diamonds


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Eclectic soft furnishings, these Kilim Floor Cushions are beautifully decorated and luxuriously comfortable. Handcrafted from Turkish kilims, the featured patterns bring a touch of heritage and warmth to any room.

Woollen kilim rugs have been made in Turkey for centuries. A crucial part of nomadic life, they lined (and line) the floors and walls of tents as well as houses and were highly valued as dowry pieces. Intricately decorated and hardwearing, the fabric makes them ideal pieces of upholstery. Perfect for placing on the sitting room floor, these versatile cushions provide some irresistible casual seating.

Traditionally woven into kilim are decorative motifs, thought to signify desires or serve as protective symbols. This kilim has been embroidered with the Goz motif, a stylised diamond pattern, thought to grant protection to the owner. Running along both sides is some black and white detailing which extends into two decorative tassels. Beautifully contrasting these muted colours are a range of warming tones, from deep maroons to the brightest yellows. Stylish and durable, these cushions suggest many happy evenings relaxing in total comfort.

Dimensions: W: 60cm, L: 105cm 

Materials: Hand woven pure kilim wool 

Care: We recommend a professional cleaner

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these cushions the dimensions and designs may vary slightly. Making each one unique.