Philodendron Florida Ghost (pot cover not included)

Philodendron Florida Ghost


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We are delighted to have secured additional limited stock of this rare philodendron (maximum purchase of one per household).

Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant. 

This gorgeous new white variety of red-stemmed climbing philodendron is almost never seen in collections as it is so hard to get hold of; nevertheless, it is an Instagram favourite for its striking looks.

Named for the bright white new leaves, which change slowly to yellow then lime green in maturity, when they attain a diameter of up to 35cm. The Florida Ghost Philodendron is an easy to grow, slow-growing tropical plant that copes well with lower light levels than other houseplants.

In the rainforests of South America. philodendrons climb everywhere along trees and rocks, so provide it with a mossy pole to grow around, or plant it in a hanging basket.

Note: Pot cover illustrated is not included but is available separately.

H: 40cm

Height: 120cm

Care: Keep soil moist but not too wet, do not allow to dry out. Avoid bright sunlight and protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer every fortnight in the summer. Repot every few years.