Philodendron Moonlight

Philodendron Moonlight


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We are delighted to have secured extremely limited stock of this rare philodendron, for purchase in store only.
Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant. 

The Philodendron Moonlight is a low growing tropical plant and a distinctive hybrid of the Philodendron. Its light green leaves become more coarse with age and end up being more prominently ribbed, leading to the creation of bright yellow and green leaves replacing the old. Occasionally, white spadix flowers will form with pink and red spathes, lasting for up to four weeks. As a larger variety of the Philodendron, Moonlight can grow to be around twenty-four inches high and twenty-six inches wide at it’s very greatest.

This leafy plant is an easy-going plant to look after, making it a firm favourite amongst philodendron collectors. For best results, keep your plant out of direct sunlight in a mild climate with a moderate airflow. Also be aware that the plant is considered to be a poisonous plant, so keep it away from children and animals.

Helpful note: it is very common for the Philodendron Moonlight to lose a leaf as they grow. These dead leaves just need to be cut off at their base of the stem to enable re-growth.