Philodendron Red Emerald

Philodendron Red Emerald


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We are delighted to have secured extremely limited stock of this rare philodendron, for purchase in store only.
Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant. 

Not just unusual, the Philodendron Red Emerald is also beautifully elegant. Growing from dark red stems, superbly glossy leaves take the form of an elongated heart. The young leaves are an attractive olive green which matures into the deepest, darkest green, which contrasted against the red stems make it so desirable.

Philodendrons are indigenous to the rainforests of South America where they decoratively twine themselves through the lower trees (the name philodendron means love of trees). To retain its bushy form – and depth of colouration – prune back twice a year, alternatively give it a mossy pole, up which it will slowly climb like a vine.

Due to limited availability, in store purchase only.  

Pot size: 30cm