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Related to the Arum family, Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen is a popular interior landscape plant, and is often chosen for its ability to clean the air of toxins. It is a great plant for low light levels, the more so the darker green the leaves.

Hardy and long-lived, this attractive and easy to care for mid-sized indoor plant with lovely, green leaves with a slight sheen and dramatic cream or grey markings. From tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, it has a bushy, clumping growth and can grow up to a metre tall, depending on the size of its pot. It does have flowers, but is grown primarily for its foliage.

Please note: Pot not included; varieties may differ from illustration.

Common name: Chinese Evergreen

Height: 100cm

Care: Keep temperature at 15ºC or higher. Avoid direct sunlight.

Warning: Toxic to cats, dogs and horses.