Alocasia macrorrhizos Stingray

Alocasia macrorrhizos Stingray


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If you're looking for an architectural plant for your interior landscape, this will fit the bill. The Stingray plant is a substantial but airy indoor plant with lovely, dramatic, deep green leaves shaped like the ears of an elephant, with a long "tail" so it resembles the stingray. Other sizes and varieties of Alocasia may be available in store.

Please note: Pot not included. Size is 12cm (smaller than illustrated)

Common names: Elephant's Ear, Upright Elephant's Ear

Type: Evergreen

Height: 120–180cm

Position: Partial shade

Care: Keep temperature at 15ºC or higher. Avoid direct sunlight.

Warning: All parts of plant contain calcium oxalate crystals, an irritant to the mouth and oesophagus. Toxic to cats, dogs and horses.