Alocasia zebrina, Zebra Plant

Alocasia Zebrina


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Best not to mince one’s words, Alocasia zebrina is a spectacular indoor plant with a major new following.

Also known as Zebra Plant or Zebra Elephant Ear Plant, Alocasia Zebrina has dramatic foliage as well as showstopping stems. The leaves are large, glossy and arrow shaped. (For the curious, these leaves are referred to as sagittate, from the Latin for arrow: sagitta.) Additional drama comes, however, from the stems which are gloriously marked – from base to leaf – with bottle green zebra stripes. The effect is dream-like, in a fauve sort of way, and adds beauty and dynamism to a modern interior.

While the plant is not for beginners, it will reward fairly simple, tender loving care, please see Details. 

Pot size: 2.5L

Common Name: Zebra Elephant Ear

Height and Spread: H: 60cm, W: 50cm

Soil: Use a well-draining potting soil.

Care: Mist leaves and water regularly (with rainwater ideally), little and often, but avoid over watering or leaving the roots standing in water. Protect from drafts and temperatures below 18 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer every month in the summer. Repot when necessary but into an only slightly larger pot each time. If the plant becomes too cold in the winter it may 'hibernate', dropping its leaves but they will regrow in spring. 

Position: Indirect sunlight

Warning: Mildly toxic for pets and humans if consumed