Anthurium clarinervium (pot not in cluded)

Anthurium clarinervium


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This rare anthurium is an unusual addition to your home or office. The leaves of Anthurium clarinervium are large and beautifully shaped, in an elongated heart, with a soft, velvety leather texture and raised, lighter veins. What look like flowers are in fact refined bracts or spathes, in this case in an undistinguished matt taupe, which enclose the tiny star-like flowers held on a long spike.

Anthuriums come from the Araceae family of over 600 flowers, including arum lilies. A. clarinervium is indigenous to Mexico, where it grows as an epiphyte in the branches of trees. This means that, like Orchids, they do not drain nutrients from the trees, simply using them as a base from which they can catch light filtering through the canopy that would not reach as far as the ground. Knowing their origins helps with understanding their care, which is easy but specific. It is happiest in a warm, humid environment like the bathroom, but out of direct sunlight.

Anthurium clarinervium will quietly work away at improving the air quality in your home by removing carbon dioxide and naturally filtering ammonia and xylene.

Pot size: 15cm

Pot in illustration is not included.

We regret, due to winter temperatures, this plant is only available for in-store purchase.

Position: In good light but avoid bright sunlight

Care: Water regularly but allow soil almost to dry out before watering. Use rain water if possible to avoid chlorine. Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer monthly in the summer. Prefers humidity so regularly mist leaves. Repot as necessary in spring in well draining, indoor potting compost.