Citrofortunella 'Lemon'

Citrofortunella 'Lemon'


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Citrofortunella ‘Lemon’ is a wonderfully ornamental citrus plant that will add an exciting Mediterranean touch to your home during winter and upon the terrace once spring arrives. Introduced to Europe by the Romans, they have remained an ever popular indoor and outdoor plant due to their vibrant colour and attractive structure.

Being an evergreen, their gracefully arching branches will consistently feature some ovate-shaped leaves in a vibrant green colour. Supplementing this rich colour are white star-shaped blooms which will develop into deep- green fruit and eventually mature into a striking yellow colour.

Pot Size: 22cm

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Terracotta pot not included

Height and Spread: H: 60cm, W: 45cm 

Hardiness: Cold Hardy 

Preferred Soil Type: Moist, well-draining soil 

Aspect: South or West facing 

Position: Full Sun

Care: Water twice a week and fertilize once a month. This variety likes temperatures between 10° – 20°.

Warning: Do not eat the fruit