Dichorisandra pendula (detail)

Dichorisandra pendula


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Dichorisandra pendula has the exotic attractiveness we would expect from a plant originating in the Brazilian rain forest, but it is also deceptively easy to care for and flowers for a gratifyingly long season.

Enchantingly pretty, each periwinkle-blue flower with its white eye has three petals, which are in fact bracts. These flowers, held on pendulous stems, will bloom repeatedly nearly all year. Intriguingly, they also have a curious habit of closing in the afternoon on sunny days; if cloudy, however, they forego their siesta.

D. pendula has a misleading common name: Weeping Blue Ginger. It is not a relation of ginger, but is part of the Spiderwort family, which is clear when looking at the foliage. The regular lance-shaped, evergreen leaves are shiny and quite fleshy with a slightly furry underside. Young leaves have a gentle purple tinge and as they mature, a subtle purple striation can still be seen.

Hang it from a beam in the corner of a bright drawing room or a sunny conservatory, the effect will be marvellous for months to come...

Pot size: 19cm

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Common name: Weeping Blue Ginger

Dimensions: H: 50cm, will reach 60-90cm, W:25cm

Care: Will thrive in sun or partial shade inside. Keep soil moist but not too wet, do not allow roots to stand in water, nor allow to completely dry out. Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer every couple of months during the growing season. Snip out the top shoots if the plant becomes too big for its position.