Ficus lyrata Bambino (container not included)(pot not included)

Ficus lyrata Bambino


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Ficus lyrata Bambino is a compact form of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. In this variety the leaves are relatively small and Bambino has an upright, unbranching form. Nevertheless, the characteristic lyre or fiddle-shaped leaves, narrowing toward the middle and wavy round the edges, are luscious and evoke the tropical rain forest of their origins. With strong veins, the typically leathery leaf is dark green and wonderfully glossy, with tints of burgundy on the back.

Hailing from western Africa, Ficus prefer high light levels and good humidity, but, with their wonderful, strong silhouettes are uncompllicated and hugely rewarding houseplants.

Pot size: 18/21cm

We regret, due to winter temperatures, this plant is only available for in-store purchase.