Homalomena rubescens Maggy (container not included)

Homalomena rubescens Maggy


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As the heat of the summer becomes a memory, and we head indoors for comfort, now is the perfect time to open our homes to a little piece of jungle, lest we forget the call of the wild. Here is the perfect plant: Homalomena rubescens Maggy

H. rubescens Maggie is a lushious, subtropical plant, originally a native of Southern Asia (Assam or Bangladesh), where it thrived in the damp, humus-rich soil of the rain forest floor. Its broad, heart-shaped leaves have evolved to capture any available light filtering through the canopy high above. These attractive leaves, reaching up to 30cm long, are also gently but evenly puckered as they grow from the main, central vein. Each leaf is held on deep burgundy stems creating a beautiful arching form.

Easy to care for and highly decorative, NASA research also found that Homalomena varieties work silently but assiduously for its keep, filtering the atmosphere of impurities.

Pot size: 17cm