Miltoniopsis Princess Diana (cache pot not included)

Miltoniopsis Princess Diana


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Miltoniopsis are given the common name of Pansy Orchids, it is easy to see why. Their large, open flowers recall the cheerfully benign faces of that much-loved garden plant, but they are rather more elegant and exotic (they were originally indigenous to South American rain forests). The velvety, white petals of Miltoniopsis Princess Diana have markings which resemble an exquisitely painted mask, which varies in colour from light pink to fuchsia, depending on where it is growing (please see details). The vigorous, strap-like, bright green leaves provide a perfect foil for the blooms.

Beyond being visually glorious, M. Princess Diana has an additional charm we cannot show in a photograph: on warm summer days the flowers, unusually for orchids, have a wonderful scent.

Not only exquisitely beautiful and thus life enhancing, orchids quietly work for our good while we sleep. Absorbing carbon dioxide during the day, they release oxygen at night, so choose the healthy option and have an orchid on the bedside table.

We regret, due to winter temperatures, this plant is only available for in-store purchase.

Common Name: Pansy Orchid

Dimensions: H:60cm, W:30cm

Position: In good light but avoid bright sunlight*

Care: Keep the soil moist but not too wet, avoid the roots sitting in water and water less in the winter. Ideally use room temperature rain water to avoid chlorine. Dunk the pot into the water, just submerging it, lift and drain in a few moments when the bubbles from the compost stop rising to the surface. Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply an orchid fertilizer monthly in the summer. Orchids like humidity so regularly mist leaves. Repot as necessary in spring in orchid compost.

*Please note that the amount of light and temperature will affect the colour of the flowers. In a brighter, cooler room (never in direct sunlight or below 15 degrees, however) the petals will deepen in tone.

Please note the cache pot in the photograph is not included.