Nephrolepis exaltata Green Lady (pot not included)

Nephrolepis exaltata Green Lady


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An attractive variety of indoor fern, closely related to the Boston Fern, Nephrolepis Green Lady has the same elegant, arching fronds in a neat clump, so it is lovely in a pot or indoor hanging basket, but better yet on a pedestal.

Unlike the ferns we are familiar with in this country, the Green Lady Sword Fern is evergreen. They are rhizotomous, but shallow rooted, and clump forming, so a very happy in a pot. The luscious, pinately divided fronds on wiry stems can develop spores on their undersides. They grow in a rosette manner.

Hailing from Central America and Africa, where it grows in swamps, helps you understand that this is a fern that likes to be damp, despite its dry appearance. These fast-growing ferns prefer higher humidity levels and don't do well in dry air conditions, so are ideal in a bathroom or kitchen, or place on a saucer of pebbles to increase humidity. You can move it outside in the summer if you wish, to somewhere sheltered and partially shaded.

Renowned for its ability to purify the air of toxins, particularly formaldehyde, it will also induce calm in your home.

Pot size: 17cm

Pot in illustration is not included.


Common names: Sword Fern Green Lady, Boston Fern Green Lady

Height: 1m after 5 years

Care: Keep moist but not waterlogged (overwatering can cause rot). Mist regularly. Remove any withered fronds near the base.

Position: Place in bright but indirect light (an east- or west-facing windowsill is perfect). Do not place near radiators or other sources of heat. Avoid cold draughts.