Philodendron Fat Boys

Philodendron Fat Boy


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We are delighted to have secured extremely limited stock of this rare philodendron.

This simple but elegant Philodendron Martianum was named after the Austrian botanist Karl Frederich Von Martius, who worked in Brazil and published the ‘Flora Braziliensis’, a book which featured thousands of detailed drawings and descriptions of new tropical species.

Commonly known as P. Fat Boy, it boasts bulbous petioles (hence the nickname) and shiny, green – veined leaves in a beautiful rosette formation, making it an attractive tropical specimen for Philodendron enthusiasts. The P. Fat Boy is an unchallenging house plant which is aesthetically pleasing and known to purify the air of toxins, meaning it also helps to boost our mood!

Pot size: 19cm

Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant.


Family: Araceae

Height and Spread: H: 50cm, W: 60cm 

Aspect: East Facing

Position: Indirect Sunlight

Soil: Use a well aerated, quick draining potting mix

Care: Philodendrons like room temperatures around 18° to 26°. During the winter months ensure they are misted with tepid water or a humidifier. Repot Fat Boy once the plant has become root bound. Choose a planter that is two sizes larger than your current planter.  

Warnings: Philodendron leaves are toxic to pets and humans if consumed, since they contain calcium oxalate