Philodendron Golden Dragon (cache pot not included)

Philodendron Golden Dragon


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Philodendrons are good for you!

Of all the harmful pollutants found in our home and work environment, formaldehyde is the most prevalent. Produced by pressed wood products such as furniture and present in exhaust fumes, it is also emitted by heating and cooking fuels. As luck would have it, a plant that is particularly good at removing formaldehyde is both easy to look after and highly attractive: Philodendron Golden Dragon.

The leaves of P. Golden Dragon are especially eye-catching, having an unusually shaped mask-like outline and shiny deep green surface. This variety, however, is sought after for its subtle variegation, which resembles smudged, golden speckles like gold dust occurring on some of the mature dark green leaves.

Philodendron means lover of trees and it is part of an enormous family of plants that were originally found in South American in the seventeenth century. The natural development of the plant is complex and explains its name, since the philodendron’s life cycle evolves around the tree canopy and eventually the roots of the rain forest trees.

Pot size: 19cm


Height: 60cm upwards, vigorous, climbing habit

Pot size: 19cm

Position: In good light but avoid bright sunlight

Care: This lush plant requires moisture, although it is less thirsty in the winter. Water regularly but allow soil almost to dry out before watering. Use rain water if possible to avoid chlorine. Dunk the pot in a bucket of room temperature rain water and once the bubbles from the compost have stopped rising to the surface, remove the plant and drain. Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer monthly in the summer. Prefers humidity so regularly mist leaves. Repot as necessary in spring in well draining, indoor potting compost. Add a mossy pole for the plant to climb as required.

Please note the cache pot in the photograph is not included.