Philodendron Majoy

Philodendron Majoy


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We are delighted to have secured extremely limited stock of this rare philodendron, for purchase in store only.

Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant. 

The Philodendron Majoy is another unique variety of its species. This breed of Philodendron is incredibly new, rare and elegantly simple. This Philodendron is of lower-growing variety but still has it's dramatic and elongated leaves that develop from a thick woody stem. Due to it's native upbringing in the tropical rainforests where they have adapted to low light levels, this Philodendron is the perfect option for a potted plant for beautiful interiors.

Philodendron means lover of trees and it is part of an enormous family of plants that were originally found in South American in the seventeenth century. The natural development of the plant is complex and explains its name, since the philodendron’s life cycle evolves around the tree canopy and eventually the roots of the rain forest trees. Philodendrons are aesthetically pleasing, and therefore boost our mood as well as purifying the air by removing formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic commonly found in paper products, carpeting, paint and particle board.

Due to limited availability, in store purchase only.