Philodendron Malay Gold

Philodendron Malay Gold


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Native to Thailand, the Philodendron Malay Gold is both a beautiful and rare tropical plant. Being a climbing hybrid, this Philodendron produces paddle shaped leaves in an attractive golden yellow colour that grow to almost eight inches long and four inches wide. These vibrant and full leaves help to brighten up a dark corner and add a delightful exotic touch.

This particular Philodendron is a fast climber due to its native upbringing so it will definitely need the support of a moss pole, which can be found in our store. They make an appealing statement plant within an urban jungle or perhaps position it as a distinctive focal point within a living room. 

P. Malay Gold is also known to known to purify the air of toxins, meaning it also helps to boost our mood!

Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant.

Note: Pot shown not included

Family: Araceae

Height and Spread: H: 50cm, W: 45cm 

Aspect: East Facing

Position: Indirect Sunlight

Soil: Thrives in loose, airy, well-draining soil.

CareP. Malay Gold likes room temperatures around 15° to 25°. During the winter months ensure they are misted with tepid water or a humidifier. To retain its bushy form – and depth of colouration – prune back twice a year, alternatively give it a mossy pole, up which it will slowly climb.

Warnings: Philodendron leaves are toxic to pets and humans if consumed, since they contain calcium oxalate