Philodendron Mc Colleys

Philodendron Mc Colleys


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You would not be blamed for confusing the Mc Colleys Philodendron with the similar hybrid ‘Red Congo’ when referring to its colour. This Philodendron has exceptional cinnamon-coloured leaves, which slowly transform into a deep green colour as the plant matures. The exotic warmth in colour of this Philodendron is one key reason for it’s distinctive beauty.

However, unlike many other Philodendron varieties this plant is not of the climbing sort and grows to form a dense and compact shape – it has a ‘bushy habit’, if you will. It only reaches a mere twenty inches tall. Mc Colleys also needs mild climates and more light than most of its relatives, as the stems will become more elongated if the Philodendron does not get enough light, although too much light will result in discoloured leaves that are pale and unhealthy.

As this Philodendron does not need to be routinely pruned, it is a great choice for someone who needs a more easy-going plant or who is a new collector of tropical plants.

Pot size: 15cm