Philodendron Narrow Ring of Fire (pot not included)

Philodendron Narrow Ring of Fire


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This is another unusual example of a highly sought-after philodendron. Not only is it rare, but it is remarkably beautiful.

Philodendron Narrow Ring of Fire is feverishly collected for its colour. Each shiny leaf has a default of dark green, gently flecked with yellow, but the salmon pink immature leaves open to reveal a variety of colour and pattern which range harlequin-like from bright red, to yellow, cream and dark green. Each leaf is a surprise: sometimes a well-defined division of cream and green, sometime solid red, sometimes piebald.

This Philodendron also grows at an unhurried pace. The shiny leaves (currently about 30cm long without stalk) will eventually reach 60cm in length. Intriguingly, even as the immature leaves unfurl, they have the remarkable deep ‘saw-tooth’ serration.

Philodendron is an enormous family of climbing plants that was originally found in the South American rain forest in the seventeenth century. The visual drama of P. Narrow Ring of Fire reflects this tropical pedigree but, surprisingly, it is an undemanding house plant that will settle happily into a normally warm house with indirrect light.

Philodendons are aesthetically pleasing, and therefore boost our mood as well as purifying the air by removing formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic commonly found in paper products, carpeting, paint and particle board.

Please note, the variegation on the leaves will vary greatly from plant to plant.

We regret, due to limited availability, this plant is generally only available for in-store purchase, but please email if you would like to discuss a mail order.

Dimensions: H: 50cm, W:25cm

Care: Keep soil moist but not too wet, do not allow to dry out. Avoid bright sunlight and protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer every fortnight in the summer. Repot every few years. Prefers humidity so regularly mist leaves.