Philodendron Subhastatum

Philodendron Subhastatum


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We are delighted to have secured limited stock of this rare philodendron (maximum purchase of one per household).

Philodendron Subhastatum is an unusual and extremely handsome indoor plant, deceptively easy to care for.

The fleshy leaves are particularly fine; the upper surface is a deep, shiny green, attractively undulating around the lime green veins, but the underside is a lovely surprise, looking as if someone has painted it deep burgundy. The overall effect is both exotic and luscious.

P. Subhastatum comes from an enormous family of plants that were originally found in the South American rain forest in the seventeenth century. The natural development of the plant is complex: to benefit from sunlight the seed germinates high up in the canopy; the young plant then behaves as an epiphyte, climbing merrily through the trees; then finally, as it matures, it sends roots down to the floor for nutrients. As a result, P. Subhastatum will thrive if given a mossy pole to climb, and prefers dappled sunlight (although it will tolerate surprisingly low light levels). In time, roots will develop from the stem (they appear as tiny dots above the joints), heading south towards the soil.

Pot size: 15cm

Due to limited availability, in store purchase only. 

Height: 120cm

Care: Keep soil moist but not too wet; do not allow to dry out. Avoid bright sunlight and protect from temperatures below 10 degrees. Apply a light fertiliser every fortnight in the summer. Repot every few years. Prefers humidity, so regularly mist leaves. Gently tuck roots into the soil.