Plantsmith Houseplant Bottles 500ml

Plantsmith Houseplant Bottles 500ml


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Keeping beautiful houseplants and succulents in perfect condition can be a tricky task, but with the Plantsmith Houseplant Bottles, this task will turn into a joy. They contain many essential ingredients, such as potassium and iron for strong and glossy green leaves, and have been designed to promote good plant health with every spray. They even have lavender and avocado oils blended in to deter unwanted pests!

With experience of over forty years in horticulture, Plantsmith have blended their professional knowledge and care into these two products. As well as being easy-to-use, they are extremely effective and will give you happy, healthy and vibrant plants all year round.

Choose from the following:

  • Houseplant Care Mist 500ml
  • Houseplant Tonic 500ml


Size: 500ml

Weight: 1kg

Both products are suitable for all houseplants and succulents.


Directions of Use:

Care Mist: Shake well and then mist the leaves suitably until a fine dew appears, and then gently spritz the compost. (Take care to avoid spraying directly onto flowers, as excessive moisture can upset them.) Aim to mist 2 to 3 times as week, year round.

Tonic: after shaking, mix 5ml (approximately 4 pumps) of the tonic into a litre of tepid water and apply at the base of the plant. For younger plants, mix the same amount into 2 litres of water. Always make sure that the plants are not sat in water and pour away an excess water.