Plantsmith Orchid Mist - 500ml

Plantsmith Orchid Mist 500ml


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Originating from the tropical regions of Asia and Australia, orchids appreciate their humid climates. This Orchid spray from Plantsmith recreates such an environement, helping them to flourish. Containing 12 essential nutrients to aid plant growth, this spray will enhance the look of your orchids, helping to get the very best out of them.

The mist provides your orchids with the humid atmosphere they desire, whilst also containing humic acid to encourage plant growth, as well as lavender and avocado oil to deter any unwanted pests. Treat your plants how you would want to be treated with this orchid mist.

Size: 500ml 

Weight: 1kg

Suitable for all orchids

Directions of use: 

Shake the bottle well, and then mist the leaves until it looks like a fine dew has settled on them and then gently spritz the top of the compost to moisten it. Take care to avoid directly spraying flowers as excessive moisture can upset them. Aim to mist 2 to 3 times each week, year-round.