Rosa Copenhagen Pots

Large Rosa Copenhagen Pots


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We've been really taken with these beautiful Copenhagen pot covers. Also known as 'Slot' pots, named after Fredensborg Castle or 'slot' where they were first made in 1860, the design has been brought back into production after an original pot was discovered hidden away in a nursery by Steffen Berg, founder of Bergs Potter. Incredibly stylish and elegant, these high-quality plant pots are lovingly crafted in clay by potters near Lucca in Tuscany.

In Rosa pink and featuring a distinctive lip and decorated rim, each pot has been fired at a high temperature. Thanks to a subtle silicone treatment, the pots are also waterproof. The clay helps to retain moisture and allows room for roots to breathe. Here at Burford, we plant them up with fragrant herbs, which give a contemporary, architectural look.

The pots are supplied singly and are available in diameters: 21cm, 25cm and 30cm.

If you wish to use for indoor plants, order the relevant size of Copenhagen Rosa Large Saucers.