Sansevieria cylindrica (pot sold separately)

Sansevieria cylindrica


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Native to Angola, West Africa, Sansevieria cylindrica, commonly known as the Cylindrical Snake Plant, has straight, fleshy leaves, round in cross-section, that emerge stemless from the pot and diminish to a point at the very tip. These extraordinary leaves grow to one to two feet long, and generally dark green with lighter green crossbands.

Snake Plants are fantastic to use in a bedroom, as they not only emit oxygen at night, but also cool the air, which helps us sleep, as well as removing toxins and purifying the air.

This is the straight form, grown in a round group (known as 'spaghetti' formation). Other varieties and forms of Sansevieria are available in store.

Note: Planter sold separately.

Pot size: 14cm


Common names:Cylindrical Snake Plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue,Round Viper's Bowstring Hemp, African Spear Plant, Saint George's sword

Height: 70–120cm

Type: Evergreen, semi-succulent

Care: Partial to shade, water very sparingly and allow to dry out completely between waterings. Slow growing, so repot very rarely if roots and leaves crowded.


Warning: Contains saponins, which are mMildly toxic for cats and dogs.