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One of the best houseplants for purifying the air, Spathiphyllums or Peace Lilies remove five of the most undesirable toxins from the air in your home. It also absorbs mould spores, using them as food, so is useful in the bathroom or anywhere prone to mildew. Caring for it will also require you to increase humidity levels, often an issue in our over dry, centrally heated spaces. For our own good, every home and office should have a Peace Lily.

 Originating in South America, Spathifphyllum has fresh green leaves and what appear to be pure white flowers. The ‘flowers’ are really evolved bracts or ‘spathes’ (Peace Lilies are also known as Spathe Lilies), which elegantly envelope the tiny star-like flowers that are held on a long spike.

Pot size: 2L


Common Name: Peace Lily, Spathe Lily

Pot size: 17cm

Position: In good light but avoid bright sunlight

Care: This lush plant requires moisture, although it is less thirsty in the winter. Water regularly but allow soil almost to dry out before watering. Use rain water if possible to avoid chlorine. Dunk the pot in a bucket of room temperature rain water and once the bubbles from the compost have stopped rising to the surface, remove the plant and drain. Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer monthly in the summer. Prefers humidity so regularly mist leaves. Repot as necessary in spring in well draining, indoor potting compost.