Syngonium Feel Green

Syngonium Feel Green


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Commonly known as Goosefoot or Arrow Head Vine, the Syngonium Feel Green is a beautifully elegant houseplant native to Latin America. With its pale pink and red variegated foliage that changes shape with age, this plant is a favourite due to its versatility. It is better grown and looked after as a houseplant, but it also works well in terrariums.

Syngoniums are also beneficial plants in the home, as they help to reduce airborne microbes and indoor air pollution, as well as increase humidity. Toxic pollutants are absorbed by their leaves which then help to feed the plant, so it is a good plant to have in the bedroom.

The Feel Green variety is easy to care for, and rarely bothered by pests, although will require a certain amount of cutting back to keep it in check, especially if you have children or pets around as it is mildly toxic.

Pot size: 14cm