Tradescantia Callisia Dragon's Tail (detail of foliage)

Tradescantia Callisia Dragon's Tail


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Over three centuries ago, Tradescantia was first introduced to Europe from America as an indoor plant, and has remained popular. Tradescantia Callisia Dragon's Tail is an intriguing new houseplant from the Tradescantia (commonly known as Spiderwort) family. More unusual than the traditional variegated type, this variety has rich burgundy colouring spreading over its fleshy, deep green leaves. The texture of these lovely succulent leaves reflects its zerophyte origins, meaning it evolved to retain as much water as possible in an arid environment; this in turn is a prompt not to overwater.

How to train your dragon… Its undemanding nature and trailing habit mean that T. Callisia Dragon’s Tail is a perfect candidate for hanging from a beam or conservatory bar because its bushy, trailing foliage is most attractive if seen from below. Its dragon connections are two-fold, while the growth pattern recalls a dragon's tail, the leaves of its close relation, Tradescantia Callisia Repens, are apparently a favourite green treat for pet reptiles.

Pot size:15cm

We regret, due to winter temperatures, this plant is only available for in-store purchase.

Common name: Spiderwort

Care: Keep in bright light but not direct sunlight and protect from temperatures below 15 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer every fortnight in the summer. Prefers humidity so regularly mist leaves. To retain bush habit, pinch out shoots as required. Water regularly but sparingly during the summer.