Vatricania Guentheri

Vatricania Guentheri


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Vatricania Guentheri is a short, shrubby cactus that is perfect for bringing a new lease of life to an office or sitting room shelf. Native to the mountainous terrain of eastern Bolivia where it stores large amounts of water for months, V. Guentheri is far from a fussy houseplant, in-fact it is famously easy to care for, making it a great starter plant.

Slightly bulbous in shape, the exterior is covered with outward growing woolly hairs. These are lusciously coloured in a golden-brown giving the cactus a distinctive look. If cared for correctly they can develop delicate, white flowers once mature.

Pot Size: 17cm

Pot shown not included

Common Names: Red Foxtail Cactus

Height and Spread: H: 30cm, W: 15cm

Soil: Use a well-draining potting soil

Specific Care: Water well through the summer whilst the plant is actively growing, allowing the soil to dry between watering. Do not let the temperature drop below 12°C.

Position: Full Sun / Indirect sunlight

Warning: Keep out of reach from children or pets due to the sharp needles