White Hydrangea

White Hydrangea


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Hydrangeas are a delight to behold and receive. Although we think of them as the product of the late summer garden, here at Burford the indoor version is a surprising, early favourite.

These wonderfully fresh-looking hydrangeas are bred as indoor house plants. The multiple, mophead flowers comprise tiny, star-shaped blooms, which mature from lime green to a rich creamy white, contrasting beautifully with dark green leaves.

An instant brightener for any room, these easy-care hydrangeas are brilliant as a gift that will last for many months and can even be transferred to the garden in high summer.


Plant H:40cm

Care: Cool environment. Water before they become dry and deadhead before blooms fade. If totally dry, plunge the hydrangea pot in tepid water for a few minutes until the bubbles stop.

Planting: Bred for indoor use. If you do decide to plant  Hydrangea macrophylla outside, please note they are not terribly hardy, with the buds and stems being susceptable to frost, so do plant it in a sheltered, partially shaded position and provide winter protection. As a deciduous shrub, if outside it can grow to 120cm.