White Mophead Hydrangeas

White Mophead Hydrangea


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Hydrangeas have an old-fashioned charm and are highly regarded as a late summer delight. But Burford also thinks of them as a spring time brightener. These select hydrangeas do well indoors and topped with dried moss, look lovely placed in one of our aged planters. For any room, it’s a brightening way to add charming rusticity.  Hydrangeas are easy to care for and if kept in a cooler environment will last indoors for four to six weeks before needing to be transplanted outside.

At times called Hortensia, the hydrangea, with its big showy mophead flowers, is renowned for an ability to change colour dependent upon the alkalinity or acidity of the soil.   Originating in southern and eastern Asia, where vast forests of the genus can still be found, hydrangeas flower outdoors from July into October.

And here's a tip... they work brilliantly as a gift!

Colour:  White (pot not included)

We regret, due to winter temperatures, this plant is only available for in-store purchase.

Care: Cool environment. Water before they become dry and deadhead before blooms fade. Transplant to the garden once danger of frost has passed. Please note, this arrangement is made from multiple potted hydrangea plants placed rather than potted in the planter and covered in moss.

Burford Tip: If totally dry, plunge the hydrangea pot in water for a few minutes until the bubbles stop.