Atlantic Plant Pots

Woven Atlantic Plant Pots



These rustic plant pots are a firm favourite. Made in a variety of sizes, they are perfect for adding a natural earthy feel to your interiors and suit almost every houseplant due to their simple yet elegant weave. We think they look particularly fantastic with a Monstera or bushy Philodendron.

They come prepared with a plastic inner lining, so feel free to use them as reguarly as you would with any other pots. We also have a wider range of other shapes, colours and sizes, available in store.

The Atlantic Pots are available in the following sizes:

  • 14cm
  • 16cm
  • 18cm
  • 20cm

These plant pots have a featured inner plastic lining so that the pots are waterproof. However, there are no drainage holes so please make sure not to overfill when watering, as this could lead to a loosening of the woven exterior and a discolouration of the weave.