Aubergine Platters

Aubergine Platters


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Handmade in Portugal, these eclectic Aubergine Platters are perfect for serving mezze dishes or sharing plates when hosting guests. Exquisitely painted, the deep purple beautifully contrasts with the green-brown stalk, creating a gorgeous natural aesthetic.

Crafted with immense attention to detail and finished with a delicate, glossy glaze these platters are truly eye-catching pieces of earthenware. Combining functionality with humour, the smaller piece is perfect for serving light appetizers, whilst the more spacious piece is great for satisfying hungry guests with some hearty food off the barbeque.

Available in two sizes:

  • 24.5cm
  • 50cm


  • H: 3.5cm, L: 24.5cm, W: 11.5cm
  • H: 5cm, L: 50cm, W: 27cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic 


Dishwasher Safe 

Made in Portugal