Bamboo Salad Bowl

Bamboo Salad Bowl


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This large, fresh-patterned bowl is made with bamboo fibre, which instantly connects you with nature. The varied designs of this collection, which you can go wild with by mixing and matching, come in delightfully calming, soft tones of greens, blues and greys.

Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable raw material, as well as being super-strong and soft to the touch, and these beautifully harmonious tumblers are made with care and love for our planet.

Step by step, our manufacturer is finding more ways to produce their products in a sustainable way. Not just by paying fair wages to the talented craftspeople or honest dealers and companies who provide great products for our homes, but also by using new and planet-friendly sources, or secondary instead of new, raw materials. They are investing in the future and becoming more transparent about the way they produce their goods.

Nymphaea (waterlily) is a soft and inviting design illustrating the Japanese word ‘Komorebi’, meaning sunlight filtering through leaves.

Perfect for serving pasta or salads, this bowl is also a joy to use alfresco on picnic rugs on a summer's day, especially as it is unbreakable. Pair with other items of tableware and patterns in this unique bamboo series to give your table a refreshing and serene look.

Size: Dia:25cm, H:10.8cm

Material: Bamboo fibre

Care: Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for oven or microwave use.