Ceramic Tomato Plates

Ceramic Tomato Plates


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Vibrantly coloured, these ceramic tomato plates are perfect for bringing a joyous note of colour to your dining setting. Hand painted in Portugal; the detailing is immaculate. The bold red colouring lays stage to the intricate tomato stem, drawing our attention to the handmade excellence.

Glazed by hand, each plate holds a wonderfully glossy finish, enhancing that luscious vibrancy even further. Coming in a variety of sizes, these tomato plates are perfect for serving up delightful food spreads at your garden parties this summer. The smallest is perfect to display some rustic breads, whilst the larger ones can be used to serve up a pizza to share (or perhaps keep to yourself!).

Available in four different sizes: 

  • 15cm 
  • 21cm 
  • 29cm 
  • 42cm 


  • H: 1.5cm, Dia: 15cm
  • H: 2.5cm, Dia: 21cm 
  • H: 3cm, Dia: 29cm 
  • H: 2.5cm, Dia: 42cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic 


Dishwasher Safe